Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why Gary Patterson's Blood Pressure Spiked

GP:  "June... that's a terrible looking shirt.  What's next... coveralls?  Do you even own a belt?"

The Dallas Traveling Luau just cruised through Cowtown.  Range Rovers, Lexus and Mercedes dominated the visitor's portion of the parking lot.  June Jones shows up wearing a shirt that looks like he inherited it from his uncle.  The SMU coaching staff was sporting their new relaxed look with shirts untucked.  I didn't notice, but was the band wearing grass skirts?  What ever happened to the SMU preppy rich kid look?  Crank up the Don Ho.

Losing to SMOO is just as bad as losing to Baylor.  Not sure which is worse. 

Baylor's congregation washes away their sinful football past and believes one win over TCU equalizes their football program to the Horned Frogs acheivments over the past decade.  This is the same mentality that believes that Baylor is the... um... cough... gag... "Duke of the Big 12" when it comes to basketball.  Come on... really?  Just as one decent NCAA Tournament showing does not equal Duke's numerous national championships and final fours... (barely) beating TCU in football (in a rebuilding year) doesn't mean your football team is a top 10 program.

Now the Frogs lose to SMU.  Nobody can act superior to you like the Ponies.  June Jones can act like he is completely unaware of his little backhanded compliment of TCU.  But with an ego almost as grand as former TTech Coach Mike Leach, he has his own way of smugging himself into an attitude much like Baylor folks.  "Uh... gosh... did I say something wrong?  I didn't mean to.  I was complimenting you.  Good (cough) job, Gary (cough... cough)."

We've all been there.  At school or at the office.  There's that guy.  The one what betters you one time, then acts like he's owned you his entire life in front of the boss, in the conference room and at the water cooler.  June Jones is that guy, just like Mike Leach is that guy. 

However... this is not the basis of GP's frustration.

Gary Patterson is going into the red zone with his anger because he gets no respect.  GP knows that even though he has built TCU to a good solid football program, Horned Frog football roots are always suspect to anyone who will diss the program.  Gary Patterson realizes just how easy it is for all of this to go away and be forgotten and discounted.  It's just as easily discounted as all those plush, new purple prime seats behind his shoulder going unused for the first three home games.  If your own people (the rich ones) won't show up, who will?  If you ask me... that is was the first spark in Gary Patterson's purple inferno.  Hey folks... yeah... you rich ones with the good seats.  If you're not going to go to the game, please make sure someone else uses your seats.

Frankly, I'm glad Gary Patterson has such a passion for TCU.  I've been a TCU fan since the early '70's and I believe TCU needs more Gary Pattersons.  I like having a football coach that gets up when he's been knocked down and smashes somebody back in the teeth, and doesn't apologize for it.

This temper tantrum is not as much about losing to Baylor and SMU in a rebuilding year as it is getting support and respect from some of your own fan base.  GP sees what is going on behind him and he doesn't like it.

Some of you soutwest side big cigars and socialites might want to take note before you make him really mad and he takes one of these offers from larger colleges that come around ever other season.

I'm proud Gary Patterson is my coach and I like the idea that he is mad.


JBSTCU said...

Nice work Mr Galen Morrison!!!! I was sent over here by your friends, SpitBlood, giving you a plugin over there...

I agree 100%, and it makes me sick what the TCU fanbase does (or doesn't do in this case)! I've been a TCU fan since the early 80's at 3 years old yelling and cheering and screaming my head off for the Horned Frogs when they were arguable the worst team in NCAA football! Now, I just don't have enough $ to buy season tickets... and yet would love to be there EVERY home game! While the rich of TCU don't even showw up and WASTE their money AND tickets! If I could only impute my sentiment... Keep it up, you have at least one fan!

Frogforlife said...

We have some good seats and you can bet we are there yelling at an obscenely obnoxious level. Go FROGS

PurpleHaze354 said...

I totally agree with your seniments about the fair weather "Rose Bowl" fans. Just because we graduated a whole bucket load of seniors last January and are working our young guys in, doesn't mean the program is dead. Far from it. If you guys would get out of the parking lots and into the seats, you would see what this team will be. Casey Pachall has a chance to break some of Dalton's records and the 3-headed running attack is still hard to stop.
See you on Saturday dressed in purple.

Sammy O'Brien said...

I had season tickets last year and was at every game, even though I had been unemployed for almost a year-and-a-half. I got a brief contract job and made it to the Rose Bowl for the best game in recent Frog history. Now, I'm unemployed again and can't afford tickets (season or otherwise).

It makes me sick that our affluent "fan" base, that paid for a new stadium before construction even began, requires an undefeated season to get their lazy asses out to the stadium and then cries foul when the national media (and SEC fans, like my brother) don't have any respect for us.

We need to support our team, even in a rebuilding year. More than laughing at the Frogs, the national media (and SEC fans, like my brother) are laughing at Frog fans. We will all continue to be laughing stocks in the football world until we learn to support our team.

DallasFrog4Life said...

I've had season tickets for 31 years. I'm one of those "cigar" guys who "ponied up" (wow, that almost made me gag) for those cushy seats in the "Club" area. I might as well be home watching the plasma. Who wants to watch a football game from a country club bar in air conditioning??? Chris??

The reason why my seats were empty up there was because I "sneaked in" a couple of seats on the lower lever at the 30 yard line- real football, real world, screaming hard. Chris Del Conte- keep my money, I'm moving to the real seats. Go Frogs.

hornfrog81 said...

I absolutely agree that empty seats shows a lack of interest and school spirit. I have to say though, I am guilty as charged for sometimes allowing my seats to go empty...nevermore! Going forward, I will make sure they don't go empty out of respect for my university, GMFP and my follow Frogs.