Friday, October 14, 2011

Legend of the Hog Caller - Beginnings of book about Amon Carter Stadium (Old and New)

If you are a fan of Amon Carter Stadium, the first two chapters of a book I began last year are available to read in my other blog, Legend of the Hogcaller .  This blog can also be accessed via my Blogger profile page.

Story blends the origin of Amon Carter Stadium with its demolition, while weaving a story throughout.  The first 17 pages are available in this blog.  I hope to get back to this project and eventually get it published someday. 

Characters and most of the old stories about Hog Caller Myers, Slim Kinsey, Dutch Meyer and Francis Schmidt are stories shared with me by my late uncle, Wallace "Hog Caller" Myers.  Hog ( as he was known back at TCU in the early 30's) is a memeber of the TCU Letterman's Hall of Fame and a 1934 All-American in basketball.

Let me know your thoughts about this project.  I appreciate your input.

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