Friday, October 7, 2011

Mascot Appraisal 101... SDSU

This is the first of a regular bit I plan to explore on this blog.  There are some great and really original mascots in college sports... our Horned Frog, Longhorn, Sooner, Jayhawk, Volunteers, etc.  Some mascots just don't do it for me.  San Diego State University's Aztec is one of the worst mascots going (not to mention those stupid fade to black helmets the football team wore a couple of years ago - but that's another bit I'll address later).

It really appears that SDSU chose this character as kind of an Oak Lawn version of the USC Trojan.  What kind of warrior would wear his feathers bunched-up on top of his head like that?  Looks like something Paul Abdul would do with her hair. As far as Mascot Appraisal goes, the SDSU Aztec is definitely in the 110 to 120 range of Division I-A schools.  No top 25 here.

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